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Pre assembled setup for DJs

Just turn-up & play!

Are you a DJ that wants to turn up to an event and play without lugging heavy equipment in or out of the venue? Need a larger sound system in order to cover a venue?
We could help solve your problems!
How will our service benefit you?
- We will setup all equipment before you arrive at the venue. Everything will be prewired, programmed and sound tested to make sure its working perfectly.
- No initial outlay. Save yourself thousands from buying extra equipment or larger sound systems for those one-off events.
- Get access to the best equipment on the market from an experienced events company. 
- Completely custom setup made to the clients specifications. We can provide a huge range of equipment and effects, including sound, light, smoke, confetti, strobe, laser shows and wireless microphone systems.
- We can provide DJ equipment to your specification. We have a huge range of Pioneer CDJ's, XDJ's, Controllers, DJM Mixers, Technics Turntables and many more. Monitoring also included!
- All for a one-off cost. All you need to do is turn up with a USB stick, laptop (or vinyl) and play!
- Once the event is finished, you can go home when all the guests do. We will do all the work afterwards.