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Sound, Light, Production & Planning
DCSevents is a specialist entertainment company that provides sound, light and DJing services to a wide range of events. We can provide services for all types of functions including, but not limited to, weddings, corporate functions, private events and club environments.

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DRY Hire Terms & Conditions


I, the hirer (Named on the contact form), agree to the following terms when hiring equipment:

Any equipment hired is the direct responsibility of the hirer whilst it is in their possession. The hirer agrees to insure the equipment against loss, theft or damage at his or her own expense for the period of hire. The hirer also agrees to take appropriate care to ensure that security of the equipment whilst it is in their possession.

Title to all hired equipment shall remain with DCSEvents at all times.

All hire equipment is accepted as working at the time of delivery, we will give every opportunity to test.

The hirer shall not sell or part with possession or control of the equipment at any time during the period of hire.

Stairs at venue – our prices quoted are for deliveries / setup up to a maximum of 3 steps. If the venue has more than 3 steps and does not have lift access, we will need to bring in extra personnel due to safety reasons. The cost of this will be passed on to the hirer. If this is not mentioned before arrival at the venue, we may have to refuse delivery due to safety reasons.

Hire equipment will not be taken out of Great Britain without prior written authorization from DCSEvents.

Under no circumstances will the hirer add to, alter, modify, adapt or interfere with in any way any item of equipment hired, nor will they allow any other party to do so. Only user serviceable parts may be changed for original parts such as fuses. Tamper stickers must remain intact.

The hirer will be charged, in full for any damage, repairs and/or maintenance to the equipment that arises through misuse or negligence. The deposit will only cover the first part of the damage / loss should it be more than the initial deposit.

The hirer will notify DCSEvents immediately should the equipment be stolen, lost or damaged in any way.

The hirer agrees to pay DCSEvents full / new replacement costs for any equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged in any way and is beyond economic repair.

A collection charge will be charged at our discretion should any items requiring collecting.

The hirer will be subject to extra and continuing hire charges for any period that the equipment is retained beyond the agreed hire period if any hire equipment is returned incomplete. Interest will also be added at 8% per day. After a further 14 Days we reserve the right to issue a County Court Judgement for the outstanding invoice amount, plus interest accrued and court / Collection Costs which the company/person detailed will be liable for.

Upon signing this agreement, I confirm I have read the above statements and agree to them. I also agree to pay the deposit detailed below in order to confirm my booking.



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