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DCSevents is a specialist entertainment company that provides sound, light and DJing services to a wide range of events. We can provide services for all types of functions including, but not limited to, weddings, corporate functions, private events and club environments.

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Amplification – Full Fat Audio

Looking for evening entertainment at your wedding? Look no further.

All of our passive sound systems are powered by Full Fat Audio amplifiers. With high output and efficiency, matched with excellent reliability, we feel these amplifiers are best suited to our systems. They are made in Hertfordshire- UK and we have seen for ourselves how they are made and tested – conforming to strict limits and high quality control. If you’re looking to purchase one of these amplifiers, please contact us for a quote.


Full Fat Audio 6000

  • 2 x 3000 Watts at 2 Ohms
  •  FFA Class D PWM amplifiers
  •  Power supply soft start
  •  High thermal headroom
  •  Weight – 12kg
  •  Dual mono power amplifiers

Full Fat Audio 6004

  • 4 x 1500 Watts @ 4 Ohms
  • Power efficient and cool running
  • Rugged Tour class Aluminium construction
  • Light weight – 9 kg
  • FFA Class D technology
  • High current switch mode power supply

Full Fat Audio 6004 G2 DSP

  • 4 x 1500 Watts @ 4 Ohms
  • compressor limiter on each input
  • 6 band parametric EQ per input, 8 band parametric per output, low/high shelving, bell, notch filters, phase, band pass
  • Audio input and compressor/limiter
  • loudspeaker signal limiting
  • Delay – up to 2 seconds, (feet, inch, mm, meters, millisecond).
  • 4 audio inputs,  6 audio outputs.
  • AES/EBU digital input selectable by a switch on the rear panel
  • Ethernet network

Full Fat Audio 10000

  • 2 x 5000 Watts at 2 Ohms
  • FFA Class D PWM amplifiers
  • Power supply soft start
  • High thermal headroom
  • Weight – 12kg
  • Dual mono power amplifiers
  • Clip limiter

Full Fat Audio Matrix Processor

With 4 balanced analogue inputs and 8 outputs with full matrix mixing capabilities, the ID48 gives the flexibility you need to integrate into your system. Compressors are available on every input as well as a high pass filter, 6 bands of parametric EQ and up to 1.3 seconds of delay.

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